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xHamsterLive: Test and Review of this Adult Cam Sex Site


In the world of adult cam, xHamsterLive is making more and more noise! It must be said that it offers a new experience and 100% free for visitors. Directly online, you will have access to continuous content with up to 1000 camgirls connected all day long. In addition, you can even use the free chat to ask them to perform a personalized service that corresponds exactly to your fantasies. So, if you're tempted, check out our complete xHamsterLive site!

Presentation of the sex cam website xHamsterLive

xHamsterLive is a webcam sex site that offers free and particularly explicit videos! Its big advantage? It is free! Indeed, you don't need to spend any entrance fees to be able to have a look. On the other hand, the models appreciate tips, which will allow you to enter even more in the intimacy of your camgirl... Particularly frequented, you will be able to find a girl at any time since xHamster live chat operates worldwide.

You can also turn to couples, threesomes, gay models, lesbians or transsexuals. No matter what your desires are, you will find something to satisfy them directly online. Moreover, xHamsterLive offers you a great number of functionalities with notably, the free chat which allows you to exchange with the model. If you have a particular request, you can easily tell him and even motivate him with a tip. Of course, you can also opt for the premium option which will allow you to take full advantage of this live cam sex site! We think for example of the private chat, private shows or exclusive videos for a solo session. As for the performance of xHamsterLive, they are excellent with an HD image quality and an excellent fluidity to find exactly the model that suits you.

Thousands of live camgirls

During our test of xHamsterLive, we were pleasantly surprised by the number of camgirls connected! As this is a live cam sex site that operates internationally, you will always find a gorgeous girl to satisfy your every fantasy. Moreover, 80% of the models are generally women, while the remaining 20% are divided between men, couples, transsexual, gay or lesbian models. Mostly in their twenties, you'll find models in all styles, from the most exotic to the nerdiest, including very big guys with dream bodies. In total, xHamster lists 50,000 girls with 1300 models connected per day, including 1050 girls, 75 men, without couple and 75 transsexuals.

Thanks to the features of the site, you can easily filter the criteria that interest you. Age, hair color, ethnic origin, body type ... There is even a tag system to direct you to the show that suits you! On the homepage, you will also find many recommendations with favorites that you can add to your list to find them later. In short, xHamster live chat offers you a complete experience to enjoy yourself at any time!

What are the features?

If the reviews on xHamsterLive are so positive, it is because this live cam sex site offers a particularly intuitive experience. In terms of navigation, it is particularly easy to understand and looks exactly like other cam sites. The same goes for the features which are numerous, even if you opt for a simple free visit! For example, you can easily opt for the chat and talk directly with the camgirl you like. On the other hand, you should know that tips are desired, especially if you ask her to do something out of the ordinary. Moreover, you can also opt for the spy mode, just to spy on what is happening in a show. However, you will not be able to interact with the model.

In our test of xHamsterLive, we also liked the fully responsive mobile version that can be taken anywhere. If you feel like spicing up the show, you can also choose interactive toys that clearly increase the pressure. Finally, you should know that with a Premium subscription, you can enjoy the full experience with access to private chat, private sessions and even full screen videos in HD quality! In short, xHamster live chat offers you a unique experience to find exactly the model of your dreams and order your every fantasy!

How to get 50 free tokens for xHamsterLive?

If you want to treat yourself to a private show, then you'll have to use chips! Fortunately, xHamster live chat offers you a little free test so you can enjoy the experience. To do this, simply register on the site by entering your email address. Automatically, you will receive 50 free tokens that you can then spend in the form of tips or for a private show made to measure. Of course, each model has her own rate which will be displayed directly on her profile. Before indulging yourself, you will have to search a little to find exactly the service you want at the best price.

You should also know that you can opt to buy one-time tokens through your credit card, PayPal, gift cards or cryptocurrency. Finally, xHamsterLive also offers a Gold subscription for $19.99 per month that allows you to enjoy all the features of the site at will.

What are the prices of the tokens?

As for all the sites of live cam sex, the rates of the shows present on xHamsterLive are variable according to the model and its notoriety. However, and before choosing your camgirl, you can directly check her price or go and discuss it with her. Nevertheless, in our test of xHamsterLive, we were pleasantly surprised by the price offer, since most of the videos are around the minimum threshold of the pricing. The high-end services only concern 20% of the models with often, precise and much more original requests.

On average, you can enjoy :

  • Spy chat / Voyeur for 8 to 12 tokens per minute, or $0.83 to $1.25 per minute and $4.15 to $6.25 per 5 minutes
  • Private chat for 24 to 120 tokens, or $2.50 to $12.48 per minute and $12.50 to $62.40 per 5 minutes
  • Chat Cam 2 cam for 32 to 120, which is $3.33 to $12.48 per minute and $16.65 to $62.40 per 5 minutes

Knowing that the price of the token will also vary depending on the payment method. For example, if you pay by credit card, you can choose 90 tokens for $9.99, or $0.111 per token. On the other hand, if you pay via PayPal, you will pay 80 tokens for $9.99, or $0.125 per token.

xHamsterLive website test: what do we think about it?

In order to provide you with the most complete opinion on xHamsterLive, we have listed its many advantages and its small drawbacks to guide you in its exploration!

xHamsterLive pros

Regarding the advantages of xHamsterLive, we will note first of all the vast choice of available models! Present all over the world, this livecam sex site offers continuous content, no matter the time. Moreover, you can perfectly filter your preferences thanks to your menu directly on the left. Blonde, brunette, age, body type... Everything is there for you to enjoy with the object of your fantasies. You will also find a tag system for fetish, BDSM, threesomes and more if you are interested... In our test of xHamsterLive, we also liked the access to the show, whatever the budget. Indeed, you can perfectly avoid the token system to enjoy yourself for free.

Besides, if you want to test more features, then you just need to sign up to receive 50 free tokens. In addition, the videos are in HD to enjoy the smallest details. Regarding the subscription, xHamster live chat relies on an ingenious system with the traditional payment system by credit card or PayPal, but also gift cards that you get from retailers. This is a relatively rare payment system that is rarely found among its competitors. Finally, and after having spent several hours on the platform, we were particularly conquered by the average price of the services which remains lower compared to other sites. Indeed, you will be able to enjoy up to 80% of the content, the remaining 20% being part of high-end or more specific services.


As for the disadvantages, you should know that the cost of private shows can quickly add up to make you spend even more! However, this is a phenomenon that can be found on all livecam sex sites and which is not exclusive to xHamsterLive. Before you start buying chips, it is therefore preferable to control your budget, otherwise you may be in for a nasty surprise. Moreover, the price of some shows can quickly soar depending on the notoriety of the model or the service requested.

Again, this is not a specificity of xHamsterLive since the camgirls frequently tend to increase the price according to certain requests. Beforehand, it will be necessary to fix the price with the model to avoid any problem. Finally, we can also regret the access to some features, only reserved to the Gold subscription. However, the big advantage of xHamster live chat is that you can access a multitude of content for free without upgrading. The only drawback? The private chat or the full screen video that some may miss...

Our opinion on xHamsterLive

At the end of this test, our opinion on xHamsterLive is obviously positive! Contrary to other competing sites, it offers you continuous content with models always available. On average, you will be able to have fun with 1050 girls connected at any time of the day. In addition, its filter system allows you to select exactly your search criteria to find the camgirl that suits you.

Entirely free, its navigation system remains fluid and you can even access the chat for free for specific requests. In addition, and on simple registration by filling in your email address, you have 50 free tokens to enjoy a private show in HD!

And if you want more, xHamsterLive also offers different payment systems with the most traditional like credit card or PayPal, and others much rarer like gift cards. As for the prices of the services, they remain below the average threshold normally found on more than 80% of the content available online. In short, and if you want to satisfy your every fantasy, xHamster live chat is a must!

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