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Flingster Review: we’ve tested for you this adult video chat site!


Flingster is a revolution in the world of adult chat sites. With its matchmaking, it offers random meetings with people from all over the world. And as its traffic reaches more than one million visitors per month, you will inevitably find someone to start a sex chat session with. In addition, registration is completely free and offers a multitude of features. Are you interested? Check out our full review of Flingster!

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Flingster in a few words

Flingster is a webcam sex chat site that connects you with people from all over the world! And it is certainly for this reason that it meets a huge success. Online, you meet women, men, singles, couples, transgenders, lesbians... In short, people from all walks of life to start a hot conversation!

In addition, registration is completely free and gives you the right to a messaging and video chat without needing to take out the credit card. With a huge community already, Flingster also offers a translation service to improve the navigation of Internet users. As for preserving your privacy, this is a site that does not ask you for any particular information. Accessible to people over 18, you will be able to preserve your anonymity and enjoy erotic discussions at any time!

About the site's audience

Created in 2016, Flingster is immediately a huge success on the web! Today, it is visited by 1.2 million users per month with more than 39,000 visitors every day. As it is a global sex chat whose biggest user community is in the United States with an average of 15,000 users connected every week. Don't speak English? No problem! Flingster offers a translation service directly integrated into the text chat to facilitate your exchanges. With it, you can get laid in any language, which spices up the experience considerably!

Flingster has about 70% male profiles and 30% female profiles. The age range is between 25 and 35 years old, regardless of the region of the world. As registration is completely free and there is no verification process, you may sometimes encounter fake profiles. However, as this sex chat offers random encounters, you will inevitably find the rare pearl as you search!

How does Flingster work?

After a quick registration that doesn't require any special verification, all you have to do is start the sex chat. Automatically, Flingster starts to connect you with other users according to your preferences. To start a session, all you have to do is allow the interface to use your microphone and webcam. However, if you are shy and need anonymity, you can also use the SMS system.

Depending on what you want to talk about and what you want to talk about, you can decide to move on, just like the person you are talking to. This is not a particular problem since Flingster's traffic reaches 39,000 visitors per day! Once you've started chatting, you can authorize the webcam to take things to the next level. In addition, the developers of the site propose a whole system of filters with the possibility of appearing masked to preserve your anonymity. Simple, practical, matchmaking remains random and connects you in real time with Internet users from all over the world. If you want to refine your search, you will have to subscribe to a Premium membership for a search based on gender and location.

Sexy girl in video chat on Flingster

Flingster's features

When we wrote our review of Flingster, we were surprised by its user-friendly and intuitive features. In short, here's what this sex chat site has in store for you!

Text chat

When you connect to Flingster, you have direct access to the text chat. It's a free feature that allows you to talk with users from all over the world, without any restrictions and, above all, without taking out your credit card! Plus, it's the perfect solution for those who want to preserve their identity or are shy.


Just like text chat, the webcam is available for free! It's an option that allows you to take your chat to the next level and turn up the heat. Again, it's a feature that can be accessed at any time and from anywhere in the world. For a solo evening, you just have to connect to this sex chat to discuss, and more if affinities...

Translation into several languages

As Flingster is a world-renowned sex chat, most of the users speak English. So to make your life easier, the developers have developed a translation system directly integrated into the text chat. From now on, you won't need to go through special applications to chat with the community.

Random matchmaking

The other strong point of Flingster is its random matchmaking! As it doesn't require any particular information at registration, it connects you in real time with other Internet users from all over the world. And if ever, the contact did not pass, you will be automatically redirected to another person.

User-friendly features

Particularly easy to use, Flingster remains user-friendly and accessible to anyone. Since the site's options load very quickly, navigation remains fluid to optimize the experience. In addition, the developers had fun creating an AR system with a whole range of virtual masks to preserve your anonymity.

An easy to use website

Finally, Flingster is certainly one of the easiest platforms to use! As soon as you sign up, you don't need to enter any particular information since no verification process is set up. As a result, you have immediate and free access to all its features to make you happy.

How do I sign up for free?

If you want to make an opinion on Flingster, you just have to register for free. To do this, fill in an email address and your sexual orientation so that the matchmaking system can direct you to users who suit you. Please note that when you register, you will not be able to use social networks for security reasons. On the other hand, no identification process will be asked of you, which again, preserves your personal data.

Is there a Flingster mobile application?

For the moment, this sex chat site has not developed any mobile application that could follow you in all your movements. However, during our test of Flingster, we could easily open the interface on our smartphone since the site is fully responsive. In addition, you have access to exactly the same features with an excellent fluidity in the exchanges!

Is Flingster free?

Flingster is completely free! Moreover, concerning the functionalities, you will have access to everything! Free webcam, free chat, translation, filter option with masks... All you need is a simple click to start having fun! You will also be able to enter your preferences in your profile, such as the topics you are interested in or the relationships you want to have. At this point, Flingster offers you a verification badge that allows you to be identified as a real person and not a robot. However, if you want to go to the next level with an even more targeted search system, you'll have to go for the Premium membership!

Flingster VIP benefits

The benefits of a paid subscription

With the Premium membership on Flingster, you're taking it to the next level! From now on, you will have the possibility to filter your preferences by gender, whether it is male, female, couple or trans. The matchmaking will be able to propose you more targeted relationships according to your affinities. In addition, you can also filter by country!

During our test of Flingster with Premium subscription, we also appreciated the absence of ads. Indeed, in the free version, you may be disturbed from time to time in the middle of a sex chat session. If you want to avoid this kind of disturbance, the paid subscription is a must. In addition, you will immediately receive a verification badge that will considerably improve your popularity and visibility among other users. Finally, you can also take advantage of a private chat room to discuss in complete privacy with other members of the community.

Flingster Subscription Pricing

For those who want to go through the premium subscription on Flingster, there are several options:

  • 1 week at $6.99
  • 1 month at $19.99
  • 6 months at $89.94 (or $14.99 per month)

To pay your subscription, the platform accepts credit cards. However, there is no refund system if you want to suspend your account before the expiration date.

What are the alternatives to Flingster?

Even if our test of Flingster is conclusive, you might want to check out the competition! In short, here are the main online alternatives.


Chatrandom remains very popular if you want to meet random people from all walks of life. On the interface, you can also use video chat or text chat to interact with the community. Launched in 2011, this site has a record number of visitors with several million people connected every month. In addition, thanks to the paid registration, there is a system of filters by country, gender and age. Available in mobile version, it accompanies you everywhere to mate at any time!


Camsurf is a vast social network that allows you to meet people from all over the world. On the other hand, it does not quite correspond to the standards of a sex chat since the erotic content is almost inexistent on the interface. It is therefore often used by companies for webcam sessions between employees in different parts of the world.


The last alternative to Flingster is the Tinychat platform. With it, you can connect with people in different parts of the world via audio chat, webcam or text. It allows you to widen your meeting circle, even if it is generally reserved for discussions with family, friends or in the professional world. In addition, its interface is in English, which does not always facilitate the exchanges.

Our opinion on Flingster

In our Flingster test, we have considered all its advantages and disadvantages to make your choice easier.


One of the big advantages of Flingst er is its community! With up to 30,000 people connected per day, you're sure to find someone to chat with, and more if you like. What's more, the free registration process is simple and requires no special verification process. Thanks to this minimum of details, you preserve your privacy and your personal data from a possible hacking attempt. On the other hand, you can chat without any constraints with a large number of members who are looking to experience chat sex.

Initially in English language, the developers have developed a translation system that allows you to chat more easily. In addition, there is no time limit to chat on webcam or in writing. In our test of Flingster, we also liked the digital masks that add a hint of eroticism while protecting the identity. Plus, the Premium membership allows you to go even more in depth in your search for the perfect match.


Among the disadvantages retained during our test of Flingster, we noted the important risk of false profiles. As the registration process does not use any particular verification, you may meet bots. However, this is an inconsequential constraint since you just have to stop the chat and the matchmaking system will find you another person.

On the other hand, some may regret the absence of a mobile application. However, as the site remains responsive, you will have no trouble connecting anywhere, including when you're on the go. Finally, regarding Flingster's Premium subscription, the lack of refund before expiration may chill some. But as you can enjoy all the features in the free version, you don't need to take out your credit card!

Flingster review: our final words

To conclude, our opinion on Flingster is positive! Easy to use, you can bring it everywhere since the interface is responsive. Moreover, you can meet people from all over the world to start a sex chat session. In terms of features, you'll be spoilt for choice between text chat, webcam and the AR system with virtual masks to spice up your sessions. In addition, registration is free and incredibly fast. In short, if you want to have fun in solo without taking out the bank card, this is the address you need!

The site Flingster is also available in other languages:

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