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Jerkmate Review: One of the Best Adult Sex Cam Sites


In just a few years, the positive reviews on Jerkmate have multiplied online! It must be said that on this adult cam site, the number of models is impressive! Moreover, the registration is free and allows you to browse and chat with your favorite camgirl. As for the premium version, it offers you a live interaction with the girl of your choice to satisfy your wildest fantasies. Here is our complete review of Jerkmate!

Jerkmate: our favorite adult cam site

Jerkmate is an adult cam site that offers you unlimited porn content! After a free registration, you can conquer the platform with a vast choice of X-rated photos and videos. And if the best rated are displayed directly on your homepage, you can also filter according to your preferences between Asian, blonde, brunette, group sex, lesbian, Latin, transgirl ... For men, women, straight, gay or trans, there is something for everyone!

But if the reviews on Jerkmate are so positive, it's mainly because you have the possibility to interact with the camgirl. Thanks to the premium version, you can even offer yourself a private show to control your camgirl remotely and satisfy all your fantasies. With 720p or 1080p HD images, this is the kind of intimate pleasure that guarantees maximum sensations!

How does Jerkmate work?

Unlike other adult cam sites, you can try Jerkmate for free! And just by going to the platform, you will have the choice between thousands of free porn contents. Thanks to a filter system, you can choose your partner to satisfy your wildest fantasies. Hair length, skin color, musculature, toys, submissive, BDSM... There is something for everyone, and even shows of famous porn stars

As some models offer public shows directly, you can attend them and access the chat. Moreover, Jerkmate leaves you totally free in your desires with the total absence of pop-ups to force the sale. On the other hand, the premium experience gives you access to a real Ali Baba's cave with private and exclusive shows. In addition, you can perfectly control the performance of your camgirl remotely, for a fee. There is also the camgirl fan club which allows you to sponsor a girl to have access to exclusive offers!

Jerkmate features

The big advantage of Jerkmate is that you don't need to take out your credit card to have fun! However, if you want to go to the next level, here are the features you should know!

Give orders to girls on livecam

What if we told you that you can give orders to a girl to make her fulfill your wildest fantasies! Well, that's exactly what you can do on this adult cam site! Besides, that's precisely why the reviews on Jerkmate are so enthusiastic... Simply by talking with the girl, you will be able to make her undress under your eyes to satisfy your slightest requirements. So obviously, this is a show that is usually found on the side of the premium version, but that guarantees you an explosive sensation!

Private and exclusive shows

To take it to the next level, Jerkmate also offers premium features. Here, you have access to private shows where the camgirl talks only with you and sees only you during all the time you will spend together. This is actually one of the favorite features of the users since they can directly control their model remotely. Just by talking to the girl, you can make her fulfill your unfulfilled fantasies. Obviously, this will require an extra effort on your part with a few extra dollars. However, if you find the perfect girl, this is a treat you should not miss!

Chatting with girls

Whether in the free or premium version, you will also have the possibility to chat with girls. The big advantage of this system is that you can choose the camgirl according to her characteristics. Then, and by establishing more intimate links, you will be able to bring her little by little to undress and push her own limits! You should also know that if you are simply looking for company, some of them will simply exchange with you.

Porn stars in live cam

Finally, Jerkmate also offers you to discover or rediscover your favorite porn stars! Adriana Chechik, Riley Reid, Bridgette B or Gina Valentina, they are all there to make you spend a delicious moment. Usually they offer you pre-recorded videos to order in stunning quality. And if you want to treat yourself to a show like no other, then don't hesitate to order a performance to see them perform live!

Why you should go to Jerkmate?

Officially created in 2003, this adult livecam site has become popular as of 2018. Today, the online reviews on Jerkmate are multiplying which greatly contributes to its notoriety. With an excellent reputation, it offers you the possibility to access its platform without paying to create an account. Moreover, it does not force any sale with different pop-up ads.

With more than a thousand free porn contents, you can also directly chat with the model or interact with him/her during public shows. As for the premium content, it is offered without subscription except for the fan club which offers you the possibility to sponsor one of your favorite girls. In addition, the data remains confidential with the possibility of paying via PayPal for additional security. Finally, you also have a customer assistant by email, WhatsApp or directly on the messaging system of the site.

Should I pay something to use Jerkmate?

As mentioned above, the registration on the Jerkmate website is completely free. Then, you will be able to access free contents on the site, whether it is photos, X videos or live sex cam. You will even be able to filter your searches and get in touch with the camgirls and camboys. Finally, you will also have the right to public shows that will allow you to interact with your favorite model! If you ever want to go to the next level, then you'll have to access the premium version. Then, you fill in your payment method and your bank details before accessing all the exclusive private shows.

Registration and free Jerkmate account: how to do?

To register on Jerkmate, nothing could be easier! On the official website, click on the tab "free registration" before filling in your email address by adding a username and a password. Then, you activate your account with the link you will receive by email. In less than 5 minutes, you will be able to access thousands of free porn contents!

If you want more, then don't hesitate to switch to a premium account. As it is not a subscription, your money will be converted into Gold that you can then use. To do this, go to your free account and click on the "premium upgrade" tab. Then select a payment method before entering your bank details. Jerkmate will then take a small fee to verify your payment method.

Our test of Jerkmate

Unlike other adult cam sites, our test of Jerkmate was more than conclusive! In short, here is a quick review of its multiple advantages and disadvantages!


A registration without subscription

Unlike other adult cam sites, Jerkmate is completely free and without subscription. And even when you go to the premium version, you will not be charged every month to browse the platform. On the other hand, if you decide to join the fan club, then you will have to pay a monthly fee.

A maximum of interactivity

All the online reviews on Jerkmate confirm it, users love to interact with their model. By controlling the camgirl or camboy remotely, they can fulfill all their desires and simply ask her to fulfill their fantasies.

Excellent video quality

Whether it is for free or premium content, the quality of the video remains the same! You will have the right to 720p or 1080p HD images to be able to zoom in on the details... Obviously, this depends above all on your internet connection, but in any case, everything is thought out to give you a maximum of sensations during your webcam sex experience.

An easy to use site

During our test on Jerkmate, we also found that the interface is extremely easy to use. With a modern and fun design, this is an adult cam site that has everything to please. In addition, the models are classified in different categories that you can refine during your selection.

A perfect control of your budget

If you are tempted by the premium experience, then you will certainly be conquered by the formula without subscription. Indeed, you decide how much you want to invest on the platform, which allows you to control your budget to avoid problems...


The price of some services

Between $1.50 and $15.99 the minute, some services in private shows are not always accessible! However, this inconvenience is largely compensated by the quality of the sex services and always with an incredible video quality.

Mobile application missing

During our test on Jerkmate, we also regretted the absence of application on Android or IOS. On the other hand, the platform works very well on smartphone or tablet and the site adjusts perfectly to the screen.

The lack of precision

Finally, for some services in private shows, we would have preferred to have some details before committing ourselves! However, and as the Jerkmate website allows to interact with the model, this is a small inconvenience largely compensated by chatting with the camgirl!

To conclude: our review on Jerkmate

To conclude our test of Jerkmate, it is a very good adult cam site which offers free porn contents of good quality. With interesting features, it allows you to access thousands of free sex videos and public shows. In addition, the design of the site remains simple to allow you to browse according to your tastes and affinities.

Besides that, you also have the possibility to access the chat room in order to exchange with your camgirl or your camboy. The interaction is one of the main points of Jerkmate, since it allows you to control your model remotely. In return for payment via your premium account, you will have the right to private and exclusive shows for a maximum of pleasure. Depending on your tastes, you can also take your model beyond its limits to come close to ecstasy.

On the side of the small specificities, we particularly appreciate the pornstars tab with known and recognized porn stars who also make their show! With pre-recorded videos to order, you can also indulge yourself by asking them for a private show for torrid sensations on the program.

Thanks to its many features, Jerkmate is one of the sites whose reputation is well established! With a good data protection system and a secure payment, everything is thought to facilitate your navigation in order to make you spend a pleasant moment. Alone, with two people or more, just register in 5 minutes to try it!

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