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MyFreeCams Review: what is this cam site worth?


MyFreeCams is one of the most popular adult cam sites on the web. It is one of the only ones to offer a selection of really sexy camgirls. Amateur or professional, they are bold and await you directly on the homepage. As for the private services, you offer yourself a torrid session to give life to your wildest fantasies... So how does the site work? What are its features? And is it really necessary to sign up to access naughty cams? Take a look at our complete review of MyFreeCams!

MyFreeCams: a very popular sex cam site

In the world of live cam sites, it is impossible to miss MyFreeCams! With 30 million visitors per month, 1000 camgirls are permanently connected. So ,you will always find something to please you, no matter what time slot you are in. A bit old school, the interface is not necessarily enticing at first. But when you start testing MyFreeCams, you quickly become addicted!

With a simple click, you can access a catalog of girls, each one sexier than the other. Moreover, there is something for all tastes and all horizons. However, don't expect to meet male models, couples or trannies since all the online profiles are exclusively female! Via the menu, you will be able to access their personal profile to know more about their preferences and the services they offer. You will also be able to access the chat room to discuss with your favorite girl. However, for hot scenes, you will have to switch to private for a little one-on-one session!

Camgirls selected with care

MyFreeCams is THE camgirls website! With a large selection of female models, you can find amateur or professional models who offer you naughty live cam. Striptease, masturbation with sextoys and more... This site lists today more than 100 000 models! And if the review on MyFreeCams are so positive, it's simply because the camgirls are subject to a very rigorous selection!

Before they are put online, the beauty of the girls is closely scrutinized by the whole team who will validate or not their application. They will be judged on physical criteria, on their sexy side and especially, on their capacities to make the temperature rise. This is what allows the platform to offer you ultra-hot shows of excellent quality.

To find the model that suits you, nothing could be easier! Just browse through the thumbnails and select the model you like best. As you are only allowed to look at one girl at a time, you will have plenty of time to scrutinize her in great detail. In addition, and directly in the search bar, you can select certain criteria or find your favorite model by entering her nickname. Finally, you should know that at the top of the page, the site offers you the most popular camgirls who are permanently connected.

How does MyFreeCams work?

During our test of MyFreeCams, we were particularly impressed by the features offered by the platform. In short, here's what you can expect!

The different statuses

When you start the MyFreeCams test, you identify yourself with the "guest" status. This is a temporary status that allows you to consult the public chat of a camgirl, but without having the possibility to chat with her. To go further, you will have to register to get the status of "registered member". This option will unlock the private messaging and you will also be able to create your personal profile. The girl will then know a little more about you and especially about your sexual preferences. Then, you can start your seduction operation by exchanging your fantasies and your wildest desires. As for seeing them come true...

Well for that, you will have to pass for the status "premium member"! It's a status that requires you to buy tokens to enjoy many advantages! Here, you will be able to participate in private shows always more torrid and one-on-one with your favorite model. In addition, you will receive e-mail or SMS alerts that will notify you of her presence online. Finally, you will also be able to use the MyFreeCams messaging system and consult the archives of your private shows!

The public chatroom

Directly on the homepage of MyFreeCams, you will have access to a large number of naughty cams! But to go further, don't hesitate to sign up to become a "registered member". At that time, you will have access to the public chat that will allow you to exchange with your camgirl. This is the perfect way to get in touch with your camgirl for the first time.

However, you should know that you will not be the only man to chat with her! Indeed, it is a space open to all visitors. So, to attract the attention of the model, you will have to compete with imagination in order to stand out from the crowd. For example, you can directly send her a private message for a more personal exchange. And if you feel that the feeling is created, then do not hesitate to pass to the status of "premium member" with a private show just for you and which will clearly make you spend a good moment in solo!

The private show

The private show is an intimate space reserved only for your one-on-one relationship with the camgirl. You will be able to make your wildest requests in order to satisfy your every desire. Concerning the services, each girl will set her own rules and her own rate. It is thus preferable to pass by a first contact to delimit the framework of the show. Indeed, some models will have no problem to accede to your requests, whereas others will prefer to know you first to take action. Above all, keep in mind that it is the "gentlemanly" side that is successful in pushing girls to exceed their own limits!

In your private area, you will also have access to an exclusive chat for much more intimate exchanges. During the show, you will be able to compliment her or encourage her to go further by sharing your feelings. On the other hand, she will take care of raising the temperature to bring you to Nirvana. Finally, you should know that the private session can be recorded. You will be able to enjoy it at any time from your personal space by digging into the archives!

The voyeur show

During your test of MyFreeCams, you can also opt for the voyeur show option to judge the performance of the camgirl. It is an option which offers you the possibility of attending a private show without having to pay the full price! For that, it is necessary that another user authorizes you to view the performance and that you pay a third of the amount of the show.

On the other hand, you will remain passive and will not be able to access the chat or record the session. It is therefore a perfect option to get a better idea of the naughty webcams offered at a lower cost. In addition, you immediately dive into the real thing by enjoying a live porn video to please yourself. Finally, you should know that the lucky recipient of a private show will also be able to prevent requests from voyeurs by simply activating the "true private" option which blocks any attempt to share!

The group show

Finally, you can also save money on private shows by opting for the group show option of MyFreeCams. The principle is simple, you just have to form a group of at least 3 members who share your desires and your preferences in terms of girls. Then, you contact the camgirl directly to submit a group request. Most of the time, girls prefer to go for private sessions which are more lucrative. But by turning to the side of the amateur models, you can hope to access this type of functionality!

Do I have to register to access the live sex cams?

When you arrive on the MyFreeCams website, the homepage offers you a multitude of thumbnails. If you like a camgirl, you just have to click on her picture to discover her. Without registering, you benefit from the "guest" status which allows you to test a large number of naughty webcams. On the other hand, to chat with your favorite girl via public chat, you must opt for a free registration. At that time, you will get the status of "registered member" which also allows you to unlock the private messaging. Thus, you will be able to chat more intimately to try to seduce the girl and exchange around your wildest fantasies.

On MyFreeCams, it is the girls who decide! Some of them will easily accept your requests while others will ask you to become a "premium member" which requires you to buy tokens. At that point, you'll have a private show for a hot one-on-one session that you can even record for viewing at any time!

What is the price of tokens on MyFreeCams?

To take full advantage of MyFreeCams features, don't hesitate to buy tokens. This is a virtual currency that guarantees the discretion and security of the transaction. Concerning the packs, you will have the choice between:

  • 200 Tokens for $19.99 ($0.1 per Token)
  • 500 Tokens for $49.99 ($0.09 per Token)
  • 900 Tokens for $74.99 ($0.08 per Token)

As for the average price of the services, you should know that a private show costs about 1 token every 60 seconds, that is to say on average 60 tokens per minute. If you opt for the "voyeur show" option, then the rate goes down to 20 tokens per minute. As for the payment of the camgirls, it is fixed at 60% of the sum. Finally, and you are an aficionado of this site of naughty webcams, then you will be able to access packages of tokens at even more advantageous prices. For this, you will have to contact directly the support service.

We tested MyFreeCams for 1 month

To write our review of MyFreeCams, we used the platform for 1 month! And at the end of this test, here is what we retained of its advantages and disadvantages!


For the pros of MyFreeCams, we particularly liked the scrupulous selection of girls! All sexier than the others, you will always find a camgirl connected since there are more than 100 000 of them per day chatting live. Moreover, they are particularly audacious, whether they are amateurs or professionals. With HD and high-quality videos, you will be able to see all the details, even the hardest ones. In terms of features, you can even customize your search to find exactly the girl of your fantasies. In addition, and after a few weeks of use, you can save the profile of the girl in the list of favorites to find her at any time.

As for the shows, you can enlarge the video screen for a total immersion. Moreover, this option does not prevent you from chatting with the girl live. On MyFreeCams, ads are completely absent! It is therefore a site that does not push you to consumption. On the other hand, the girls are clearly putting pressure on you to sign up for a paid subscription. And the least we can say is that you will be rewarded for your purchase with quality services that meet your requirements. However, it is a registration that remains optional since you can perfectly browse the platform without paying. Moreover, the interface remains fluid on mobile to accompany you everywhere, even on vacation!


One of the main drawbacks of MyFreeCams is its old-fashioned interface. With garish colors and coarse fonts, it's a naughty cam site that doesn't necessarily give you the urge at first. However, this feeling is largely compensated by the vast choice of sexy camgirls permanently available. Moreover, the system of competition between members does not always play in favor of the platform since it pushes towards the purchase of a private show. And if this can motivate some, others will not necessarily want to go further judging that it is a scam! Finally, let's also note the cost of some services, especially for the most popular girls! With a rate that can go from $6 to $15 per minute, it is better to know how to control your budget before indulging yourself.

Our review of MyFreeCams

At the end of this test, our opinion on MyFreeCams is obviously positive! Despite a design a little Old School, you will always find high-quality naughty cams with daring performances. With a large selection of sexy camgirls, you'll have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of yourself at any time, even from your smartphone.

In addition, MyFreeCams places great importance on the selection of its models. The result? High quality and HD services! Both fluid and user-friendly, the interface highlights the most popular girls so you can discover them live. On simple registration, you can also chat with them to try to seduce them and to push them to discover themselves a little more.

And if you want to go further, you can also opt for a private show for a torrid one-on-one session. In short, MyFreeCams is a must in the world of porn videos!

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